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    My laptop whispered to me,” Keep me safe, I am vulnerable without you”. You’re probably wondering what I can help you with? Well to put it simply I can help you with your articles without tiring you, because you know I’m flexible from one shoulder to another and we keep up the good work.

    The interconnected weaved patterns are inspired by the traditional Rwandan mat called “Ikirago”

    Kintsugi limbags are made with the primary intention of being environmentally conscious and making the earth greener by putting harmful waste to use. Our artisans repurpose the dumped pairs of jeans into world-class quality bags. Denim fabrics (fabrics that make jeans) are one of the least eco-friendly clothing fabrics. Though they are harmful, jeans remain the cornerstone of just about any wardrobe. Hundreds of millions of them are produced and sold every year, that’s why AFLIMBA took the initiative of extending the life of their waste by repurposing them into bags. PURCHASING A KINTSUGI LIMBAG IS SAVING THE PLANET ONE BAG AT A TIME.

    • Size:
    • 15 x 11.5 x 4 inch
    • (Length x Height x Thickness)

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