About Us

“AFLIMBA is a creative space for rural artisans based in Rwanda to elevate the craftsmanship in rural communities and improve the livelihood of rural artisans at the same time bring to life finest-handcrafted bags, we call them ‘LIMBAGS'”

Our Founder

Plante Josue

Arts, business, and tech enthusiast, Plante Josue Niyomugenga, grew up in a small village upcountry in the suburbs of Kigali, in a community full of artisans, who make little or no money from their craft. His mother was one of them. Majoring in business opened his eyes and in early 2018 he founded A F L I M B A to elevate rural craftsmanship and improve the livelihood of rural artisans.

Our Future

Picture perfect

Our main purpose is to employ all possible strategies that improve and sustain the lives of the maximum number possible of artisans in the rural communities, at the same putting their creative and leadership skills on another level, while maintaining and growing the good reputation of AFLIMBA  as a brand.

In the future, we envision having AFLIMBA Campus that will embody all AFLIMBA’s entities including our production space, AFLIMBA School of Craft, the creative craft space for inventing new products concepts, and others.

The future is bright.


Training and job placements

Later on, we realized that there is a big number of young women who are dropping out of school, getting pregnant and single mothers who do not have a way to sustain their living and that of their family who will be interested in learning to sew and other craft skills and create a living out of it. Early 2020, we launched AFLIMBA Craft School with only one course, sewing. We intend to create the next generation of tailors and find jobs for them either in our production section or in any other company.



by 2025

Core Values

Our team is driven by three main core values


Love for what we do


Honesty comes first


It’s only good, if it’s fault free


Key People

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”

~Steve Jobs

Plante Josue

Managing Director

Houdegbe Teta Joelle Charlize

Sales Associate

Jean Claude Munguyiko

Production Manager

Aurore Kundwa Umurerwa

Digital Marketing Manager

Mukasharangabo Chantal

School Project Lead