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Riddle Riddle**

You can take me anywhere, anyhow with anywho. I am small and addictive  because I will be your soulmate, carry with me all your essentials and I am for keeps. I am not here to take a part, am here to take over.

I am small/tiny. I am 5 inches wide, and 7 inches long. What am I?

I am your Pouch limbag

The interconnected weaved patterns are inspired by the traditional Rwandan mat called “Ikirago”

As we push to minimize the waste we put in the environment, we employ all strategies possible towards zero waste while maintaining the quality and impeccable designs of the limbags. One of the main purposes of making a pouch limbag was to make use of small pieces of fabrics that could have been a waste.

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  • Size:
  •  7 x 5 inch
  • (Length x Diameter)
  • Inside is made with African wax fabric
  • Zip closure
  • Water-resistant
  • Handmade in Rwanda

MATERIAL: It is made in linen upholstery fabric in combination with African wax fabric. Linen is a natural fiber that has its origin in the flax plant. It is often mixed with synthetic fibers to improve its characteristics. It has a slubby texture that is responsible for the alluring feel. It is one of the strongest fabrics with the best durability among all types of upholstery fabric. It does not pill, It is abrasion-resistant. Linen is antibacterial and is resistant to mildew. It is resistant to fading. It is an eco-friendly material.

RETURN: If the delivered limbag doesn’t fit your expectations in terms of quality, a refund is guaranteed.

ABOUT US: AFLIMBA is a creative space for rural artisans based in Rwanda to elevate the craftsmanship in rural communities and improve the livelihood of rural artisans at the same time bringing to life the finest-handcrafted bags, we call them ‘LIMBAGS’. Every purchased Limbag takes us a step closer to providing a financially sustainable life to a rural artisan.


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Pouch limbag